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Competition Rules

The "Eastbourne Nomads Angling Club" doesn't have a too many rules, but, like any other club, you've got to have rules. Because without rules, all you've got is, chaos.


So, here's a copy of the "Eastbourne Nomads Angling Club" rules.


1. Name



2. Object

The object of the club is to encourage Beach Angling and beach angling competitions. It will be run by a Committee made up of Officers and General Committee.


3. Officers

The officers of the Club will consist of the following; a President, Vice President, Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary and two Competition Secretaries. These will all have to be ex members of the General Committee.


4. General Committees

The affairs of the club shall be managed by a Committee made up of the (8) Officers mentioned above and up to 4 other  Committee members. At a Committee meeting, 5 or more Committee shall form a quorum at meetings through the year.


5. Committee Meetings

The Committee will meet once a month, here they will discuss matters concerning the club. The Committee will have the power to fill any vacancy that may occur between Annual General Meetings. The Committee have power to make or alter bye-laws as may from time to time be found necessary; these alterations in the Club Newsletter and on the Club Website.


6. Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting will be held on or around the 3rd Tuesday, or Wednesday in November. At the Annual General Meeting the Officers, and General Committee for the ensuing year will be elected. Nominations for these must be in writing, and this must be in the hands of the Secretary by October 15th prior to the Annual General Meeting. No member shall vote on any subject which he, or she is personally involved in. A ballot paper of names of Officers, and General Committee to be nominated, will be included, with a Statement of Accounts, together with instructions for voting. If no, or insufficient names of candidates for election are received by the Secretary, by October 15th, then candidates may be proposed to fill a vacancy, at the Annual General Meeting without prior notice. A ballot to fill the vacancies will be held if necessary.
At the said meeting, the minutes from the previous year will be read out, reports will be given by the Officers, the accounts will be submitted, and general business will be transacted.
The following years memberships will be up for renewal.


7. Voting

Only paid members of the Club are eligible to vote, no Juniors (under 16) qualify for voting.

8. Extraordinary General Meetings

 Extraordinary General Meetings may be called at any time by the Committee, seven day's notice must be given to each Committee member. Any 20 members may, by notice to the Secretary, instructing the Committee to call such a meeting; this notice must contain the reason for the meeting, and must contain the names and signatures of each of the 20 members. No other business other than that specified, may be dealt with.


9. Minutes

 The Secretary will keep the correct minutes of Committee meetings and Annual General Meetings. These will be produced at the following meeting, read out, confirmed and signed by the Chairman.


10. Chairman

 The Chairman is unable to cast a vote, however, in the event of there being a drawn vote, the Chairman will then have the deciding vote. The ruling of the Chairman of any meeting, on any points of order, shall be final.


11. Annual Subscriptions

 The Annual Subscription for the members is £10 for Adult Members, and £1 for Junior Members, (Junior members are under the age of 16) this is payable at the Annual General Meeting, or on the next available date. No member will be allowed to fish a Club competition, until the subscription for that current year has been paid. From the 1st of October until the end of the same year, the annual subscription for new members will be reduced by 50%.


12. Expulsion

 Any member found guilty of objectionable conduct, or who fails to comply with the rules of the Club, may, by a vote of the Committee, be asked to resign, or be expelled from the Club.


13. Honorary Members

 The Committee have the power to elect Honorary and Life Members at any time, at their discretion, for services rendered to the Club.


14. Disputes

If anything arises which is not provided for by the Club rules, or if there is any dispute, infringement, or complaint in connection with the Club, then it must be submitted to the secretary, in writing, within 14 days of the occurrence. This will then be put before the Committee, they will have the full power to decide on the outcome, their decision will be final.


15. Club Record Fish

When fishing outside of Club competitions, members may weigh in a fish for the Nomads Club Records. Fish must be caught under Club rules and within Club boundaries. If the Nomads scales are unavailable, the fish must be weighed in at Tony's Tackle or the Anglers Den, you must get signed verification from the tackle shop. The verification must include; Anglers name, Fish species, Weight, Date and it must be signed by the owner of the tackle shop, also please try to supply a photo (photo must be of angler holding fish). All this must be forwarded to the Nomads Secretary within three days. A list of Nomads minimum sizes and specimen weights can be found in this book. There are NO prizes for landing a Club record fish, just recognition.


16. Club Fishing Boundaries

 The Nomads fishing boundaries are from the East side of Beachy Head Lighthouse to the West side of Alice's Pipe. There is NO fishing from man made objects, ie. The pier, pipes, steps, harbour arms and the harbour etc, are all out of bounds.


17. Dissolution

 Should the Club be dissolved at any time, an Extraordinary General Meeting shall be called to decide on the disposal of the Club assets.


18. Insurance

 It is the duty of either the Hon. Treasurer or the Hon. Secretary to pay the insurance premiums when they are due.