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Nomads Holiday Fish
This page is for members of "The Eastbourne Nomads Angling Club", who have taken photographs of fish they have caught whilst on holiday.
It can be any fish, caught anywhere, Beach, Boat, Pier or Freshwater.

A4 framed photo's are available from Steve, only £5 each


Also Ex-Members who have moved away.

This first section is from Richard Joyes, an ex Nomad.
He moved to New Zealand in 2007
Richard is doing well, and says "HI" to the Nomads.
Richard Joyes in New Zealand with a Kahawai.
A closer look at the Kahawai (it's a cross between a Mackeral and a bass)
Richard Prepares for a dive
Richard came face to face with this fish, it doesn't look happy.
A few more fish he met up with.
Smile for the camera.
Richard caught these 2 New Zealand cray fish while on a diving trip, the biggest weighed 5kg.
Richard Joyes with 2 Blue Moki's caught on a spear fishing
Richard Joyes with a nice Paeroa (Black Snapper)
Richard Joyes with a Pig fish which is bright pink

Chris Kirrage with a 3lb 14oz Codling caught at Dungeoness.

Sean Tester with a 31lb 5oz Cod
Another look at Sean Tester with his 31lb 5oz Cod.
Norman Message with his catch of Plaice, the biggest is about 4lb.
Chris Kirrage with 2 Cod, the biggest is about 10lb.
Norman Message with a day's catch of bass on his friends boat in May 2009.
Norman Message with his best fish of the day, a 10lb Bass.

Richard asked the locals to get him some bait, apparently they got enough to last him a week.
All that bait produced this, hmm, well, nice hat!!!
Is it poisonous?, dunno, but Richard ain't taking no chances, not in his condition, (look at shadow), when's it due?

Trevor Rooney went to Ireland in May 1995, he fished the River Shannon Estuary, using Sandeel as bait, he caught this Thornback Ray that weighed 9lb 9oz. Photo by Reg Clough.

James Cowderoy went to Gambia with Richard. James caught this fine Captain Fish that weighed 5lb 4oz, while Richard caught..........
...................Well, at least he caught something.
Perhaps Richard Cowderoy would catch bigger and better fish, if he finds somewhere else to keep his bait.
Richard Cowderoy with a 3 foot Barracuda.
Tony Kirrage caught this 16lb Casava on prawns
Steve Domsalla with 2 Casavas, 6lb and 9lb caught on prawns in gambia

In March 2011 Mick Lowe went on holiday to Mozambique, whilst ther he did a bit of fishing (obviosly), here is a couple of photo's taken from his holiday
The yellow fin Tuna was caught off a 14ft boat approx 800M from Paindane reef in Mozambique on a 30lb line with lure, trawling along the reef. Mick did not weigh the Tuna, but he caught 6 x in 2 hours
The 4kg Bone fish was caught off the beach at Paindane at high tide on a 30lb line using a cocktail of prawn & Sardine, great fish to catch as when brought in close to the shore it turns and powers back out to sea.