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Fishy photo's


Here's a collection of photographs of "Eastbourne Nomads Angling Club" Members, and some of the fish they've caught.


A4 framed photo's are available from Steve, only £5 each

Gerald Sargeant wasn't sure if he wanted to fish the Nomads club competition on Thursday 5th March 2015, he said he'd see, depends on whether he gets bait. But if he did fish it, he said he wanted to go to one of two beaches at Langley Point and he would see if he could get a codling or two.
Gerald did get bait and he got near to the beach of his choice, but I don't think he planned on catching this beast of a Cod, it weighed 16lb 5oz 8dr.

Obviously Gerald won the competition, he had 2 much smaller codlings and a pouting, bringing his weight to 20lb 7oz.

This Cod is also the NEW Nomads club record.

Well done Gerald


Steve Frost with a 7lb 11oz 8dr Smoothhound.


Dean Riley with a 12oz 8dr Plaice


Gerald Sargeant with a 3lb 2oz 8dr Bass.


Dean Riley with a 2lb 10oz 2dr Bass.


Guy Austin with a 4lb 9oz 6dr Smoothhound.


Keith Erridge with a 1lb 7oz Sole


McAuley King with a 9lb 6oz 8dr Smoothhound (CLUB RECORD).


Paul King with a 13lb 1oz Cod.


Paul King with a 9lb Bass (CLUB RECORD).


Phil Chapman with a 2lb 3oz 8dr Bass.


Simon Watkins with a 5lb 4oz 8dr Bass.


Steve Frost with a 1lb 7oz 4dr Sole


Trevor Rooney with 2 Smoothhounds, the biggest (on the left) weighing 4lb 8oz 4dr.


Steve Frost with a 3lb Bass


Trevor Rooney with 2lb 7oz 6dr Sole


Ron Roberts with a 15lb 4oz 4dr Cod (CLUB RECORD).


The Inter Club Shield 2006, being presented to Steve Frost (om behalf of the NOMADS from the T.O.S.S.A.'s.


The Victors (NOMADS) after the 2007 Inter Club Shield Competition on Dover Breakwater.


The Runners Up (T.O.S.S.A.'s) after the 2007 Inter Club Shield Competition on Dover Breakwater.


Steve Frost with a 2lb 4oz Codling.


Luke Grotte with 2 Codling, Biggest (on left) is 3lb 14oz 6dr.


Simon Watkins with a 5lb 8oz 2dr Bass.


Trevor Rooney with a 5lb 3oz Smoothhound.


Sean Tester with a 1lb 15oz 8dr Plaice.


Simon Watkins with a 10lb 3oz Bass.


Peter Cornwell with a Bass of about 5lb.


Simon Watkins with a 9lb 12oz Bass. Cop a load of that hat!!!


Richard Cowderoy with a Bass, not sure of the size, about 6lb.


Dean Riley taking Jamie Morgan for a bit of Wrasse fishing.


Dean Riley's caught a Ballan Wrasse, not legal, but a nice fish.



Jamie Morgan's also caught a Ballan Wrasse, again not legal, but, is it bigger than Dean's, you decide.


Les Parsons with a 4lb 4oz 2dr Codling.


Phil Chapman with a 3lb 1oz 2dr Codling.


Steve Frost had a triple shot of Codling, all sizeable, here's 2 of them, 2lb 11oz (left), 3lb 5oz (right), the 3rd weighed 1lb 13oz.


A closer shot of the 3lb 5oz Codling.


Above is a photo of Trevor Rooney. The picture was taken in November 1975 (2 Weeks before Tony's Tackle Shop Open). Therefore the picture was taken by Bob Clark outside his well known tackle shop on Langney Road, Eastbourne.

Trevor landed the Cod the night before, during a Trade Union Club angling section competition. On the scales it weighed 21lb 8oz.

Trevor was fishing 2 beaches West of the Langney Point outfall, the Cod picked up his Lugworm bait on a Size 2 Limerick hook.

Trevor had no car then, he had a scooter (a Lambretta GT200). He had to tie the Cod across the spare tyre rack.

Happy Days!!


Trevor Rooney caught these 2 Grey Mullet, 5lb 14oz and 4lb 9oz, while fishing on top of the Princes Park Outfall Pipe.He ground baited with mashed bread, and used bread flake on a light quiver rod. The largest Mullet actually ran up the pipe, but Trevor held on, and it came back out. Photo by Nick May.


Richard Cowderoy with a 6lb Bass caught at Langley Point.


Tony Kirrage with 3 very nice Bass and made the front page of the "Angling Times" in April 1981, the headline printed with the photo read, "Eastbourne Tackle Dealer and Sea Match Angler looks pleased after taking these 3 Bass from the Sugar Loaf on Eastbourne Beach".

The Weights are 9lb 1oz, 8lb 5oz and 7lb 14oz.
These were all caught in a 3 hour session and also included a silver eel of over 2lbs.
1st place with a massive plaice.
Tony Kirrage caught this lovely Plaice, a whopping 4lb 2oz from the shore, winning the Alan Ray Open with £1000.00 prize money which he shared with his mates.
Ian Hopper with a 4lb 8oz Bass, this was caught during Keith Erridge's Flounder match on the River Ouse in April 2009, it couldn't be counted in the match, but a very nice fish to catch.
Tony Kirrage with a 3lb 2oz Bass
Peter Cornwell with a 2lb 10oz Sole
Ben Blackford with a 4lb 5oz 4dr Codling
Tony Kirrage with 2 nice cod, the biggest is 6lb 13oz 2dr
Steve Frost with a 7lb 4dr Bass, sadly this fish was caught during a Cod & Whiting Competition, so nothing was won with it, typical.
Steve Frost got it right this time, this specimen Flounder, weighed 2lb 2oz 8dr, it helped him win the OFFICERS CUP on Sunday 17th January 2010, it was also steve's personal best flounder, his very first specimen fish, and a NEW CLUB RECORD. Also, in the same catch of fish was a 1lb 9oz flounder (see picture below), and 2 smaller flounders, total weight was 4lb 8oz.
Steve Frost with a fine brace of Flounders, on the right a 1lb 9oz Flounder, and on the left a specimen Flounder weighing 2lb 2oz 8dr
Rod Reynolds had been out of beach fishing for 2 years, in March Rod came back to beach fishing and joined, On his 1st Competition he stitched us all up, not only did he win the competition, but, he won it in style with this fine 6lb 4oz cod.
Trust Tony Kirrage to go one better, the competition after Rod Reynolds caught his cod, Tony had to beat it, by catching this really great 8lb 2oz 2dr Cod.
Phil Chapman with a 7lb 2oz bass
Luke Grote with a 2lb 1oz 8dr Whiting, a CLUB RECORD
Tony Waters with a 1lb 4oz Dab, he caught this while fishing a Haywoods Heath club competition on January 23rd at the Woodyard, Normans Bay, Tony went on to win the comp with 5lb 6oz, this was made up of 9 Dabs, 2 Flounders and a Ling.
Carl Howard came to a Nomads competition with Simon Watkins, when asked if Carl was joining in the competion, he replied no, he just wanted to fish with his friend Simon. The competition was won jointly by Dan Wood & Steve Frost, with a weight of 1lb 6oz, Carl's Bass weighed 5lb 15oz, he was told he would have won easily had he been in the competition. Carl joined the Nomads at the next competition.
Dan Wood becomes Dan Did.
Dan Wood and Ian Hopper went for a bit of Mullet fishing. Dan out fished Ian, and had a much better day, he caught this fantastic mullet weighing in at a whopping 6lb 6oz. It's definitely a NEW NOMADS CLUB RECORD, and possibly a record for Eastbourne. Ian did get a mullet, but i wont embarace him by putting a photo on here. but photo's of it are available by request.
2011 for the Nomads was Codless. It's only the 2nd competition into 2012 and Dan has decided that we are not having another year like that. So to make sure the Cod Cup doesn't get left out again, he caught this 3lb 15oz 3dr Codling. Well done Dan.
Steve Hunt fished the 3rd Slater cup on Thursday 8th March 2012. When he caught this fine 3lb 7oz 3dr Codling and a 8oz 13dr Plaice, he thought that's it, the competitions mine.....1st place, heaviest round, possibly heaviest flat and superpool. Yeah, it's all mine, and i've got a nice meal. Steve walked into the weigh in, all smiles. He saw a croud of people staring into a bucket.....What's that new bloke got.....cant be as big as mine....Steve looked in the bucket....his smile fell from his face with a the bucket was...................................
A fine 10lb 3oz 3dr Cod caught by the Nomads NEW man......Richard Newman caught this lunker in the same competition fished by Steve Hunt (above). Richard told Steve Frost that it's a Personal Best, it'll make a good meal for him, his wife and 3 kids, probably be some left for a few fish fingers.
Richard did apologise to Steve Hunt for upsetting his evening. Richard also had a codling in the competition before. It weighed 1lb 11oz 3dr, compared to this one, it looked like a minnow. Well done Richard (the COD FATHER) newman.
Young Martin Payne jnr felt proud when he landed this fine Sole of 1lb 4oz 8dr on July 3rd 2012.
Charlie Denton discovered fishing through "Fish4Kidz", he (like all the other children in the event) received a FREE NOMADS membership, he used this and came fishing with his nan and Rod Parris. On the 19th July 2012 he caught this fine Bass that weighed 1lb 10oz 4dr. Well done Charlie.
Lilly Doake was another Child from the "Fish4Kidz" event. Paul Parsons bought her with him to the Nomads, on her second Nomads competition, she showed us all what to do. Lilly caught 4 Eels on the night of August 16th 2012, 1 of them was the biggest round fish of the night, it weighed 15oz 12dr, the Eel was also the biggest fish of the night, oh, Lilly also won the competition. Lilly was very proud that night (and so she should be). The photo above of Lilly does not show her holding the Eel, because as we all know, they are very slippery fish, (but not slippery enough to escape Lilly.
Well done Lilly.
All the Eels were returned to the sea, alive. (Eels are a protected species)
Joe Plumstead caught this fine sole on the 30th August 2012, it weighed in at a whopping 2lb 6oz 4dr. A fine fish, shame you can't say that about the picture quality, but I didn't take the photo, it was sent to me, sorry joe, next time we'll get a more decent picture.
 Oh My God, cop a load of the Cod, Dan Wood fished the final competition of 2012, it was the final part of the Cod & Whiting Cup (it was definately the last part of the Cod & Whiting, the last ever, in 2013 it will change to the Cod & Species), Dan caught this lovely Cod that weighed 10lb 9oz 8dr on December 13th 2012. Up untill that night Richard Newman has the biggest Cod of the year (it weighed 10lb 3oz 3dr), then along came Dan and stole that cup right from under Richards nose. It was bound to happen, Dan is a PIRATE. E caught th Beast from th not so deep sea, AYE.
Graham Lewis caught this Codling that weighed 4lb 6oz 12dr during the 2nd Slater cup, Thursday 7th February 2013. It goes without saying that Graham won the competition. I bet that'll please his wife. Well done Graham.
On Wednesday 20th February 2013, the Nomads fished the 2nd Nomads Cup competition. It was a bitterly cold night, (enough to feeze the you know what's off a brass monkey) but that didn't stop Keith Erridge from catching this fine 4lb Codling. Well done Keith. This competition should be remembered for it's BIG fish, because as well as Keith's Codling, Neil Marshall (a Nomad newbie) caught a Bass that weighed 3lb 1oz 4dr (sorry, no photo), and there was also the fish in the photo below....
In the same competition as the photo above, Richard Newman caught this fantastic Sole, it weighed a whopping 2lb 10oz 12dr, not only is it a specimen, but it is also a NEW NOMADS CLUB RECORD. Well done Richard.
Dan Wood fished the 3rd Fickling Cup on Monday 14th October, not only did he win the competition, but he broke the club record for the most amount of sizeable fish, and the biggest weight of fish weighed in in a Nomads club competition. Dan weighed in 67 fish, consisting of 62 Whiting, 2 Pouting, 2 Dabs and this fine 7lb 11oz Cod. Well done Dan.
Tony Kirrage went for a couple of hours fishing at |Langney Point in November 2013. He caught this fine Cod that weighed 14lb 15oz. WOW
Graham Lewis got 1st plaice with this fine plaice that weighed a superb 3lb 2oz. It's a NEW NOMADS CLUB RECORD.

Tony Kirrage won the 2 day Species Hunt in the 2014 Eastbourne Angling Association Boat Festival.
Amongst the species that Tony caught were; Dogfish, Bream, Codling, Plaice and Smoothhound.
1st was Tont with 210 points
2nd was Rod Parris with 176 points
3rd was Colin Murphy with 170 points.

Wednesday 18th February 2015 was the first part of the Eastbourne Nomads Presidents Cup.
It was only fitting that the club President Tony Kirrage won it, he won it by a mile with these 2 fine Codlings,
the biggest on on the right weighed 4lb 10oz 12dr, Tony also had 2 Pouts, and a total weight of 6lb 12oz