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Nomads Fresh Water Pics Abroad


This page is for photo's of catches by Nomads that fancy a change, and occasionally do a spot of fresh water fishing.


A4 framed photo's are available from Steve, only £5 each


In May 1979, Trevor Rooney caught this Bream, it weighed 8lb 6oz. He was fishing from an anchored boat, on the River Shannon, above Athlone, in Ireland. The method was bread flake on the ledger. Photo taken by Brian Howell


There's only a few good reasons for going to France, cheap booze, cheap tobacco, good weather and BIG fish,

well, on one of his trips to France, Tony Kirrage certainly found the BIG fish, he caught this 54lb 8oz Mirror Carp. What a WOPPER.


WOW....WOW.....and WOW....LAKE RECORD IN THE BALANCE......This catfish wighed a wopping 126lb. Tony Kirrage (Tony's Tackle proprietor & Nomads President) went on holiday for a week, with 7 other anglers. The destination.....Lake Etang de Rouge, La Puisaye, in the South of France.......The target......BIG CATS (the type that live in the water).

Tony was fishing with 20lb braid, size 4/0 PENETRATOR catfish hooks and fish bait. This MONSTER CAT took tony 40mins (approx) to land, when they put it on the scales, the scales went round two and a bit times, this means that the weight has to be checked on the scales thaey used, then conformed on another set of scales, if the weight they have for this giant tadpole is correct, or higher, then Tony will have the LAKE ETANG de ROUGE CATFISH RECORD. After the fish was weighed they had to revive it, Tony was doing this by pushing water into it's mouth, after 30 minutes of this, they were convinced the cat had died. They were about contact the owner and tell him, when......without warning......the catfish grabbed Tony's hand as he was pushing water into it's mouth, it clamped down hard and wouldn't let go. The sad news is.....I have no photo's of Tony getting mauled by the cat........The good news is......they managed to return this GIANT (that's worth approximately £8,000) back to the water ALIVE, they all smiled as they watched it swim off.

Tony had two other cats that week, a 98lb and a 66lb. The other anglers all had 1 cat each.

I'm glad that the cat, oh, and Tony survived their ordeal. (I love a story with a happy ending.


It gets uglier the closer you get to it.........................................the catfish doesn't get any better looking either


 In May 2012 Tony Waters went on a little fishing holiday to Dream Lakes in France. It looks like he had a good time, because he caught this lovely 42lb 10oz common carp. But that's not all he caught, the common carp was just a test, he also caught........................................


....................Tony Waters also caught this whopping Mirror carp from Dream Lakes in France. It weighed a fantastic 51lb 12oz.

Dream fish at Dream Lakes.....The stuff that dreams are made of.....