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(Payouts were zoned)
WINNERKim McGreeveyA205lb 01oz 00dr

1st in APaul ParsonsA603lb 12oz 00dr
1st in BDean MurphyB1803lb 15oz 00dr
2nd in AJoe WalesAMinus 403lb 10oz 08dr9 fish
2nd in BPaul ChristopherB1103lb 14oz 08dr
3rd in AIan HopperA503lb 09oz 00dr
3rd in BRod ParrisB1903lb 10oz 08dr10 fish
4th in ASam SamsonAMinus 703lb 07oz 00dr
4th in BDave RudlandB1603lb 06oz 08dr
5th in ADan WoodA303lb 04oz 00dr10 fish
5th in BTrevor RooneyB3003lb 04oz 00dr9 fish

ROUNDGerald SargeantWhitingA1000lb 10oz 00dr
FLATMike PerfectPlaiceB2600lb 08oz 08dr


1stKim McGreeveyA205lb 01oz 00dr
2ndDean MurphyB1803lb 15oz 00dr
3rdPaul ChristopherB1103lb 14oz 08dr
4thPaul ParsonsA603lb 12oz 00dr
5thRod ParrisB1903lb 10oz 08dr10 fish
6thJoe WalesAMinus 403lb 10oz 08dr9 fish
7thIan HopperA503lb 09oz 00dr
8thSam SamsonAMinus 703lb 07oz 00dr
9thDave RudlandB1603lb 06oz 08dr
10thDan WoodA303lb 04oz 00dr10 fish
11thTrevor RooneyB3003lb 04oz 00dr9 fish
12thGerald SargeantA1003lb 04oz 00dr9 fish
13thWez SargeantA903lb 03oz 00dr
14thAdam FaiersA102lb 15oz 08dr
15thArran AghiliA402lb 15oz 00dr9 fish
16thTony KirrageAMinus 602lb 15oz 00dr8 fish
17thColin EsseryA802lb 10oz 08dr8 fish
18thMike PerfectB2602lb 10oz 08dr7 fish
19thChris KirrageB1302lb 09oz 08dr
20thMick SnellingAMinus 802lb 08oz 08dr
21stPaul KingB1502lb 07oz 00dr
22ndPhil ChapmanAMinus 902lb 01oz 00dr
23rdTony RoyalB2102lb 00oz 00dr
24thJoe PlumsteadB2301lb 10oz 00dr
25thGary HazelgroveA701lb 07oz 00dr
26thJohn WinghamB2001lb 06oz 08dr
27thCraig EdwardsB2901lb 06oz 00dr
28thIain SmartAMinus 501lb 03oz 08dr
29thJohn SpawsonB2700lb 15oz 08dr
30thIan BlaskettB2500lb 12oz 00dr
31stSteve MayB2400lb 11oz 00dr
32ndDave HolloboneAMinus 1BLANKED
33rdBob HartAMinus 2BLANKED
34thKeith ErridgeAMinus 3BLANKED
35thColin CareyAMinus 10BLANKED
36thMalcolm PayneB12BLANKED
37thMick WebbB14BLANKED
38thDave BoylingB17BLANKED
39thSteve FrostB22BLANKED
40thRichard CowderoyB28BLANKED
ROUNDGerald SargeantWhitingA1000lb 10oz 00dr
FLATMike PerfectPlaiceB2600lb 08oz 08dr