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 Heaviest Fish Caught in Competitions in 2016

This Chart shows the heaviest fish caught in "Eastbourne Nomads Angling Club" Competitions throughout the year.
 Monday 12th September 2016Paul Parsons Thornback Ray 7lb 11oz 12dr 
 Monday 6th June 2016 Joe Plumbob  Smoothy5lb 1oz 
 Thursday 1st September 2016Paul Parsons Thornback Ray 4lb 15oz 8dr 
 Tuesday 21st June 2016 Arran AghiliSmoothy 4lb 
 Monday 16th May 2016 Ian Hopper Smoothhound 3lb 13oz 8dr
 Monday 23rd May 2016Tony KirrageSmoothhound 3lb 8dr 
Monday 25th January 2016
Dan Wood
1lb 14oz
 Monday 14th November 2016 Rod ParrisBass 1lb 11oz 4dr 
Thursday 21st April 2016 Paul ChristopherDog 1lb 10oz 12dr 
 Tuesday 13th December 2016Phil ChapmanDog1lb 10oz 4dr 
Monday 31st October 2016 Colin EsserySole1lb 8oz 4dr 
 Thursday 4th March 2016Arran Aghili Dog  1lb 8oz
 Monday 18th April 2016Dan Wood Plaice  1lb 4oz
 Friday 6th May 2016  Dan Wood Plaice  1lb 4oz
 Monday 17th October 2016Tony Kirrage Doggy  1lb 4oz
 Monday 23rd 2016Ian Hopper Sole 1lb 4dr 
Wednesday 9th March 2016
 Dan Wood
 1lb 3oz
Thursday 7th April 2016  Rod ParrisDog 1lb 2oz 
Thursday 21st April 2016  Tony Kirrage Flounder 15oz 12dr
Wednesday 20th January 2016
Keith Erridge
15oz 12dr
 Thursday 1st September 2016Paul ChristopherPlaice15oz 4dr 
Monday 25th January 2016Dan Wood
15oz 4dr
 Wednesday 9th March 2016
 Dan Wood
 14oz 12dr
Tuesday 22nd January 2016
 Graham Lewis
Thursday 4th March 2016 Paul ChristopherFlounder 14oz
Monday 31st October 2016 Phil ChapmanPout13oz 12dr 
 Friday 30th September 2016 Dave Hollobone Plaice13oz 8dr 
Friday 30th September 2016  Colin Essery Pout 13oz 8dr
Thursday 7th April 2016  Rod Parris Flounder 13oz 8dr
 Friday 19th August 2016Phil Chapman Flounder 12oz 8dr 
Monday 6th June 2016 Paul Parsons  Sole 12oz 4dr
 Tuesday 22nd January 2016
 Steve Frost
 Pout 12oz
Friday 19th August 2016 Richard Newman Whiting 11oz 8dr 
 Wednesday 30th NovemberRichard NewmanWhiting11oz 
 Tuesday 21st June 2016 Paul ParsonsSole  10oz
Wednesday 20th January 2016 Neil Marshall  Flounder 9oz
Monday 12th September 2016 Phil Chapman Plaice 8oz 4dr 
Monday 14th November 2016 Tony Kirrage Dab  7oz
 Monday 16th May 2016 Steve FrostFlounder  7oz
 Monday 17th October 2016 Richard NewmanDab 4oz 
Friday 6th May 2016  Dan Wood Pout 4oz 
Monday 18th April 2016Dan WoodPout