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Meeting opened at 20:30.

5 Committee present:- Steve Frost, Snowy, Phil Chapman, Paul King & Tony Kirrage.

4 Club members were present; Bob Levett, Ian Hopper, Trevor Rooney & Lester Dewey

  1. Minutes of last A.G.M.

The minutes of last years A.G.M. were read out and everybody agreed with them.

They were signed by Snowy.

    2. Matters arising from the last minutes.

There were no matters arising from the minutes of the last A.G.M.

    3. Correspondence.

There was no correspondence.

    4. Notification of any matter that may be brought up under item 15 (AOB).

No Notifications

    5. The chairman's report.

Snowy gave his report.

He apologised for not being able to fish any more, but his eye site is getting worse, he has even given up driving. He's been a member of the Nomads for 56 years and remembers fishing on the pier, he reminisced about the old days and went on to say that he loves the Nomads but, he wanted to resign, the AGM said that we would not accept his resignation. He was told that we would not ask to much of him, we would like Snowy to attend the AGM's, the Christmas Opens and the presentation nights. Snowy agreed to this.

    6. The Hon. Secretary's report.

Steve Frost gave the Secretary's report.

Steve thanked those that had turned up for the AGM. He said that it had been a strange year for the Nomads, the memberships were up, but the turn out for competitions were down, blamed it mainly on the restricted limits. He informed members that the next competition (the 2nd part of the Cod & Species Cup) has been rescheduled for Wednesday 29th November 2018, this was due to the Sea League Finals being on the weekend immediately before, we didn't think it would be a good idea for people to be fishing all weekend and then have a club competition the next day. He reminded everyone that at the end of the meeting he would be taking subscriptions for 2018 and entries for the 2017 Christmas Open.

    7. The Hon. Treasurer's report.

On the evening of the AGM, the accounts were gone over, there were a couple of mistakes that were spotted (and one that wasn't until I was typing out the minutes).

I neglected to itemise in Expenditures, the money paid out for the club website which is £100

I also neglected to include in Expenditures, the £50 that the Nomads are sponsoring for the Tony's Tackle Whiting Competition.

The mistake that I found while doing these minutes was this, in the Expenditures I had the vouchers down as £265, they are in fact £165 (sorry).

These mistakes have now been rectified

There is still money to come in for the sponsorship for the website, there's £25 from Tony's Tackle, £25 from Domsalla Building and £25 from Withers DIY, this brings the 2016/17 deficit down to £288.50.

The Club accounts are;

Eastbourne Nomads Financial Accounts 2016/17
Competition Fee's
Presentation Night Profit 
Xmas Raffle in Hand
Contributions to Website 
Donations to Xmas and New year comps
Angling Trust Affiliation & Insurance
Presentation Night Catering
Ink, stationary & Fish 4 Kidz
Secretary competition fee's
Christmas Raffle Loss 
Sponsorship to Tony's Tackle biggest Whiting
Total Income 
Total Expenditure 
Profit 2016/17 
2016 Total £2,689.07
2017 Total £2,314.57

Ian Hopper mentioned that maybe the Christmas raffle was responsible for the club loosing money.

Ian Hopper proposed that the catering be stopped for the presentation night to save on costs, this was seconded by Paul King, this was voted FOR unanimously.

Phil Chapman proposed that the money donated by the Nomads for the best 3 members in the Christmas Open, be lowered from £150 to £100, this was seconded by Paul King, this was voted FOR unanimously

Also it was suggested that the senior membership of £5 be increased to £10, this will be reviewed at the 2018 AGM

    8. The Competition Secretary's report.

Phil Chapman gave the Hon. Competition Secretary's report.

Phil thanked people for their help with the weigh ins at club competitions, he mentioned that competition attendance was down and that he hopes it will increase next year.

9. Presidents Report

Tony Kirrage gave a report.

Tony said that this year had not been great, the club had a good mixture of competitions, he tries his best to get people to join the club, but some only come 2 or 3 times and then don't bother. He was very pleased to see that young David Elstone was doing very well and enjoying himself.

    10. Election of President and Vice President.

Tony Kirrage was happy to stay on as Nomads President, and Steve Domsalla, although not present was happy to stay on as Vice President.

They were both voted For them continuing in their positions unanimously

    11. Election of Committee.

It was suggested that we vote for each of the Committee separately.

Snowy was happy to stay on, the vote was FOR unanimously

Paul Cox was happy to stay on, the vote was FOR unanimously

Steve Frost was happy to stay on, the vote was FOR unanimously

Dean Riley was happy to stay on in name only, it was agreed that this should be reviewed at a later date, the vote was FOR unanimously.

Phil Chapman, Paul Plumstead and Joe King were happy to stay on, the vote was FOR unanimously.

Paul Christopher was happy to stay on, the vote was FOR unanimously

Rod Pariss was happy to stay on, the vote was FOR unanimously

If Graham Lewis happy to stay on, the vote was FOR unanimously, Steve Frost will speak to him.

Colin Essery was happy to stay on, the vote was FOR unanimously

Arran Aghili was happy to stay on, the vote was FOR unanimously

Richard Cowderoy was voted off the Committee unanimously

Richard Newman was voted off the Committee unanimously

Phil Chapman proposed that Michael Moule be elected onto the Committee, Michael was happy to come onto the Committee but was unable to attend the AGM due to an illness in the family. Ian Hopper seconded this, the vote was carried FOR unanimously.

Lester Dewey proposed that Ian Hopper be voted onto the Committee, Ian was happy to accept, Trevor Rooney seconded this, the vote carried For with 5 votes for and 2 Abstains

The Committee are;


Vice President.................................


Vice Chairman.................................

Hon. Secretary.................................


Competition Secretary's..................

Tony Kirrage

Steve Domsalla

Snowy Ruffell

Paul Cox

Steve Frost

Dean Riley

Phil Chapman, Joe Plumstead & Paul King


Paul Christopher

Rod Pariss

Colin Essery

Graham Lewis

Arran Aghili

Michael Moule

Ian Hopper

    12. There was an interval for refreshments.

    13. Proposals.

There were 3 proposals.

1. From Steve Frost & Paul King

Propose that the Club fishing limits be put back to how they were originally, from Alice's Pipe to Beachy Head Lighthouse. Since the clubs fishing limits were reduced, the participation in club competitions has dropped. This would also give anglers the choice to go wherever they want in bad weather.
This was seconded by Tony Kirrage

The vote FOR was carried unanimously

2. From Trevor Rooney & Paul King

Propose that the Club purchase a set of dial scales, even if they are in Kilogrammes.

After a brief conversation the AGM agreed that the club needed new scales but they should stay with pounds, ounces and grams

This was seconded by Ian Hopper

The vote was carried For unanimously

Lester Dewey has a contact involved in competitions and said that he would make some enquiries to see if he could purchase some suitable scales

3. From Ian Hopper

Proposed that we ban Whites and Muddies from ALL Club competitions

This was seconded by both Trevor Rooney & Tony Kirrage

The vote was carried FOR unanimously

14. Election of Festival Committee.
Next years Festival will take place on the weekend of the 17th and 18th of March, Ian Hopper informed us that they intend to use the rest of the money in the Festival account wich stand at £155

Arran Aghili, Ian Hopper & Phil Chapman were all happy to remain on the festival Committee, the vote was carried FOR unanimously

Festival Committee..


Arran Aghili

Ian Hopper

Phil Chapman

    15. AOB.

    There was no A.O.B.

    16. Subscriptions were taken for 2018 memberships, and bookings were taken for the Christmas open. There was also an AGM raffle draw for the Christmas raffle

Steve Frost...........


Lester Dewey.......


Trevor Rooney.....


Meeting closed at 23:00.