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Meeting opened at 20:30.

Apologies from:- Paul King, Rod Pariss & Steve Domsalla.

9 Committee present:- Steve Frost, Snowy, Phil Chapman, Paul Christopher, Paul Cox, Dan Wood, Paul Parsons, Joe Plumstead & Tony Kirrage.

6 Club members were present; Ian Hopper, Arran Aghili, Colin Essery, Bob Levett, Martin Payne & Graham Lewis

  1. Minutes of last A.G.M.

The minutes of last years A.G.M. were read out and everybody agreed with them.

They were signed by Snowy.

  1. Matters arising from the last minutes.

There were no matters arising from the minutes of the last A.G.M.

  1. Correspondence.

There was no correspondence.

  1. Notification of any matter that may be brought up under item 15 (AOB).

No Notifications

  1. The chairman's report.

Snowy gave his report.

He apologised for not fishing or attending meetings, this was due to his age and lack of energy, but it was nice to see so many people. The club is doing well, with a lot of new members. He has been a member for over 50 years now (joined 1959, committee since 1969). He remembers fishing with Paul Parsons and Tony Kirrage when they were boys. Snowy said he would like to resign, all at the AGM said "NO".

  1. The Hon. Secretary's report.

Steve Frost gave the Secretary's report.

He said Thank You to the Committee members; Tony, Paul Parsons & Keith, and other club members that helped him through a bit of a difficult time. We have a good strong committee with a mixture of ideas and opinions. Membership was up, mainly with the help of Tony.

  1. The Hon. Treasurer's report.

Because of the lack of volunteers for a new Treasurer, Steve Frost spoke to Dean Riley, Dean said he would remain as Club Treasurer, but in the background with my help. The club agreed that this would be ok.

The Accounts are;

Balance at AGM 2014 = £3,194.97

Money in 2014/15



Competition Fees


Raffle Profits (Xmas Open + Presentation)


Committee Raffle


Total In


Income still outstanding is £100 from Website sponsorship

Money out 2014/15

Club Contribution – Top 3 Nomads Xmas Open


Club Contribution – New Years Open


Club Contribution – Officers Cup


Angling Trust affiliation & Insurance


Trophy Engraving




2 x New trophies for Drawn Pairs


Trophy Cleaning


Presentation Night Raffle




Cleaning Contribution




Other expenses; paper, card, ink, envelopes etc


Total Outgoing =


Money in Bank, etc

Reserve Account


Business Account




Steve's Float


Phil's Float




Town Beach Festival Account


Discussions were made about the accounts, AGM decided that we can only put up so much money for competitions, we will no longer be putting money up for Officers Cup.

  1. The Competition Secretary's report.

Phil Chapman gave the Hon. Competition Secretary's report.

Phil thanked Dan and Joe for their help at the weigh ins. While there has been a lot of Cod caught this last year, there were only 3 Bass, 1 Bream and no Mackerel or Scad caught.

Presidents Report

Tony Kirrage gave a report.

Tony thanked everyone for help with club and supporting shop. We tried different things this year, some worked, others didn't. Next year we are trying out a series of Catch & Release Competitions.

  1. Election of President and Vice President.

Tony Kirrage was happy to stay on as Nomads President, and Steve Domsalla was happy to stay on as Vice President.

Phil Chapman proposed that Tony Kirrage continue as President, this was seconded by Paul Parsons, the vote For this was carried unanimously.

Tony Kirrage proposed that Steve Domsalla continue as Vice President, this was seconded by Paul Parsons, the vote For this was carried unanimously.

  1. Election of Committee.

Paul Parsons has officially resigned from the Committee, he feels that it's time to have new blood and new ideas, but he did say he was there if help was needed, his resignation was regretfully accepted, Steve Frost thanked him for his help.

Steve Frost asked Graham Lewis if he would like to fill the gap, Graham accepted the position. Steve Frost then proposed that Graham be given a place on the Committee, this was seconded by Ian Hopper, the vote For was carried unanimously.

All of the rest of the committee were happy to remain in their current positions, Ian Hopper proposed that if the rest of the committee be voted back on as a block vote, this was seconded by Paul Parsons, the vote was carried For unanimously.

The Committee is;


Vice President.................................


Vice Chairman.................................

Hon. Secretary.................................


Competition Secretary's..................

Tony Kirrage

Steve Domsalla

Snowy Ruffell

Paul Cox

Steve Frost

Dean Riley

Phil Chapman & Dan Wood


Paul King

Paul Christopher

Joe Plumstead

Rod Pariss

Graham Lewis

  1. There was an interval for refreshments.

  1. Proposals.

There were 4 proposals; from Paul Christopher, Ian Hopper & Colin Essery.

Paul Christopher

Due to the amount of time and effort given by the Club Secretary, I propose that from 2016, any Nomads competitions the secretary fishes will be paid for by the Club (entry only, not bait)

    It was agreed this will not include Super Pool, only Competition entry.

    This was seconded by Tony Kirrage.

    The vote was unanimous FOR (this will not include Super Pool, only Competition entry)

Ian Hopper

    I propose that for a trial period of one year starting 2016 (to be re voted at next years AGM), only 1 set of pegged matches, preference in Feb/March.......the rest of fishing to take place between Shitty Hutch to Sugar Loaf.

The competitions have already been sorted for 2016 (they have to be done early so as people can rejoin at AGM), so the pegged match part of the proposal was rejected. The vote was only on the shortened limits.

This was seconded by Paul Parsons

The vote was carried, with 9 votes FOR, 4 votes AGAINST and 1 ABSTAINED

A sub proposal was added to this, If the weather conditions are rough then a decision shall be

made by the Competition Secretaries to move the said competition to White Horses

This was seconded by Dan Wood

The vote was carried, with 13 FOR and 1 ABSTAINED

Paul Christopher

    With reference to the last Nomads Competition and carrying everyone's fish back to the sea.

    I propose a club ruling whereby all fish are replaced in the anglers bucket so he (or she) can dispose of accordingly. We did use to do this, and it's not fair that the problem always falls on Steve and Phil.

This was seconded by Steve Frost

The vote was carried FOR unanimously

Colin Essery

    I propose that the times to start fishing be extended to 19.30hrs. Still drive off at 19.00hrs and finish at 22.30hrs so we have a bit more time to get to swims and set up.

No one seconded this proposal.

No votes as no one liked this proposal

  1. Election of Festival Committee.

    The Festival is scheduled for March 20th 2016, there has been a change to the Festival Committee. The vote was carried Unanimously for the changes to the Committee.

Festival Committee..


Arran Aghili

Ian Hopper

  1. AOB.

    Steve Frost mentioned that it was silly clashing with Hastings with the Christmas Open,

    he suggested that he be given the freedom to work with Colin Crosby so as to avoid (if

    possible) future clashes.

    All at the AGM agreed that this would be a good idea.

  1. Subscriptions were taken for 2016 memberships, and bookings were taken for the Christmas open.

Meeting closed at 22:30.